Bulb-Head Squid are popular for rigging spreader bars and daisy chains.  Available in 5 sizes and 15 attractive colors.Casting Jigs and Spoons by Sea Striker are an excellent lure for Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, and Grey Trout (weakfish) and any other species that feed on small bait fish.  Use the for jigging or cast and retrieve.  A must have in any tackle box.Jig Fish are very effective on Spanish, bluefish, trout and other species that feed on small baitfish.  These lures can be cast or vertically jigged.  Six colors and four sizes.Bucktails are available in several styles.  Popeyes, Bean, Trailer Jigs, and Bucktail Worm jigs are proven killers for many species that feed on small baitfish.  These are a must for every tackle box.Cuda Tubes are great for barracuda, king mackerel, and othe game fish.  Single or double hook models available in four different colors.  Bulk tubing is also available for the do-it-yourself fisherman.
The ORIGINAL GOT-CHA™ plug comes in nearly 200 styles and colors options.  The lure is excellent for bluefish, spanish mackerel, trout and other fish that feed on small bait fish.  It is great for fishing from piers and bridges and is also a favorite of boat fisherman jigging for trout and bluefish.Cedar Plugs are #1 tuna fish lure on the East Coast is fast catching on around the world.  Made of the highest quality red cedar, this lure is great for all gamefish.  Available in several sizes and styles including Jet Heads, Skirted Plugs, and Daisy Chains.Tuna Tail double skirts work well for dressing up ballyhoo rigs, mullet or any offshore lure that needs additional color.  Sixteen colors.Sea Scoundrels are a 6” lure for all gamefish.  Ideal to use in front of ballyhoo or natural bait and is equally effective when trolled alone.Got-Cha™ soft plastics has a lure for you.  Whether curtail or flat-tail grubs, shad, bodies, trout killers, flounder strips, shrimp tails, tubetails, you will find many fish catching options in this category.  Works great with our Gotcha lead heads.TUKA Trolls are deadly on tuna.  They feature a heavy chrome plated head and a double vinyl skirt.   Five colors to choose from.Chute Rigs are popular for Stripers.  Nylon hair trolls in reverse.  Swing hook is ideal to add 6” and 9” shad bodies.  Available in 2, 4 and 6 ounce and 3 colors.Gotcha Lead Heads are perfect match for the Gotcha soft plastics and other soft baits.  Round, shad, trout, live bait, deep lead, tube and Gitzit heads are available in a variety of sizes and colors.  Sea bug heads are also available.The old stand-by in saltwater trolling lures. Nylon hair trolls in reverse and is available in 5 colors. Very effective when used with a natural strip of ballyhoo.Tantalizer