standard Cuda Tube    CT12-(color)
picture: pinkDelux Cuda Tube    CT14-G
pictured: green





6' Packed or 24' Bulk Cuda tubing
pictured: SST6-R

Cuda Tubes

The standard Cuda Tube is a 12 surgical tube with a single 2/0 heavy saltwater treble hook. A single egg sinker is inserted in the head for action. Rigged on 80 lb. coated wire. Great for barracuda, bluefish, Kings and othe game fish. CT12-(color)

The Deluxe Cuda Tube is a 14 surgical tube with two 2/0 heavy saltwater treble hooks. Rigged with two 1/4 oz. egg sinkers on 80 lb. coated wire. CT14-(color)

Cuda tubing is also available package or in bulk in the colors shown.

6 feet packaged = SST6-(color) 24 feet bulk pack = SSTB-(color)