ATS = Amber / Silver TigerBGS = Black / Green / SilverBTS = Black / Silver TigerGCO = Green / Chartreuse / OrangePS = Pink / SilverPackaged: JF2-BTS
Black / Silver Tiger
(not actual sixe)PTS = Pink / Silver Tiger

This color is only available in the Surf Dart.BYS = Blue / Yellow / Silver

Jig Fish

These lures can be cast or vertically jigged for numerous species.  They are very effective on Spanish, blues, Trout (weakfish) and most species that feed on minnows or small baitfish.  They are packed so that the header card protects the treble and the naturalized finished body  is open to the fisherman’s view.  Available in 1.5 oz (3” body), 2 oz (3.5” body), 3 oz (3.75” body), and 4 oz (4”body).

1.5 ounce = JF15-(color)    2 ounce = JF2-(color)    3 ounce = JF3-(color)    4 ounce = JF4--(color)

Move mouse over picture for color codes.

Jig Fish

Similar to the Jig Fish, these 1.5 ounce baits have a #4 treble hook.  Available in 1.5 ounce and packed 10 pieces to a bulk pack.   Same colors as above with the addition of the Pink / Silver Tiger (PTS) below.  SD112-(color)