Available in the same colors as our Sea Rogues above.
Pictured: 3-4 = Dark Blue & Pink with silver flake1-4 = Light Blue & Pink with silver flake3-4 = Dark Blue & Pink with silver flake3-10 = Dark Blue & White with silver flake4-10 = Pink & White with silver flake5-12 = Flourescent Green & Chartreuse with silver flake6-5 = Black & Green with silver flake6-11 = Black & Purple with silver flake

Sea Scoundrel

The 6” lure for all gamefish.  This lure features a cone-shaped, rear-head opening to perfectly hold our quick-rig bait spring.  The Sea Scoundrel is the ideal lure to use in front of ballyhoo or natural bait.  It is equally effective when trolled alone.  Move mouse over the lures for color codes.  RCBR-(color)  unrigged


Ballyhoo Rigs

The Ballyhoo Rig is professionally rigged with 15 feet of 100 lb. monofilament and a 7/0 saltwater O’Shaughnessy hook.  Complete with bait spring, 1/2 chin weight and wire nose tab.  Move mouse over the lures for color codes.    RBBR-(color)  rigged