Bob Nungesser emigrated from France in 1920 at the age of 16 years.  An avid angler, he began fishing almost as soon as he arrived.  He loved fishing for shad that annually came up the Potomac River, near Washington, and milled in the deep canyon near chain bridge where their upstream progress was stopped by great falls.


He designed a lure for such fishing and labeled it the 00 spoon.  It was so effective, fisherman around his home in Waldorf, MD began to buy them from him.  Thus, in 1939 he established Nungesser Troller Bait Co. and began producing product for the tackle industry.


Five years later he made the first of his now famed Shad Darts.  He also designed a rig that combined the dart, trailed by a spoon, that has become a favorite of many anglers.

158 Little Nine Dr.

Morehead City, NC 28557