Standard Bottom Rig

Old Dominion Style wire bottom Rig.† Available in a 3 pack or 50 piece bulk on a shower ring.† TW1043 (3 pack)††† TW1040 (50 pack)

Heavy Duty Bottom Rigs

1040HD ó Old Dominion Rig, , has twisted wire arms and #6 interlock snap and 60 lb. nylon coated wire.† Available in 50 piece bulk.

1060HD is the same except made with monofilament.† Available in 36 piece bulk.

Heavy Duty Mono Rigs

Heavy-duty 2-drop mono rigs.† 3 colors: blue, clear, red.† Available in a 2 pack or 12 piece bulk pack.† 30-2 (2 pack)††† 30-12 (12 pack)

Loop Style Bottom Rigs

Double drop rigs tied with 40 lb. mono.† Rigs have #3 nickel snaps and a #5 nickel swivel.† The sinker is attached by the 2" monofilament loop tied at the end of the rig.† Loop rigs are available with a plain snap or the addition of beads and skirts for extra attraction.† All are packed 50 pieces on a shower ring.

2PL (plain)††† 2BL (w/ red bead)††† 2BLCH (w/ chart. bead)††† 2RSL (w/ red skirt)††† 2RWSL (w/ red & white skirt)††† 2RYSL (w/ red & yellow skirt)

Egg Ready Rigs

Egg ready rigs are for flounder, trout, and bottom fish.† They are made with 22" of 45 lb. nylon coated wire.† Rigs come with a slip egg sinker, a #3 snap, and a #5 swivel.† An all time favorite rig for the saltwater angler.† One of Florida's best sellers.† Available 2 per bag or bulk, 12 per ring.††† 6 sizes† from 1/4 oz. to 2 oz.

RRS14-2 (1/4 oz, 2 pack)† RRS2-2 (1/2 oz, 2 pack)† RRS34-2 (3/4 oz, 2 pack)

RRS1-2 (1 oz, 2 pack) RRS112-2 (1.5 oz, 2 pack)† RRS2-2 (2 oz, 2 pack)

1/2EGG (1/2 oz, 12 pc bulk)† 3/4EGG (3/4 oz, 12 pc bulk)

1EGG (1 oz, 12 pc bulk)† 11/2EGG (1.5 oz, 12 pc bulk)† 2EGG (2 oz, 12 pc bulk)

2 & 3 Drop Bottom Rigs

These are the most popular rigs for North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia coasts.† Rigs are tied with 40 lb. mono using #3 nickel snaps, #5 nickel barrel swivels and a connecting link.† Rigs with the letter "K" in front of the stock number use a #5 sinker snap.† All others use a #14 link.

Two drop models: K2P (without beadsó25 pack)††††† 2P (without beadsó50 pack)

K2B (with beadsó25 pack)††† 2B (with beadsó50 pack)

Three drop models: 3P (without beadsó25 pack)††† 3B (with beadsó25 pack)

2 Drop Skirt Rigs

Double Drop skirt rigs have colorful skirts at the hook snap for added attraction.† Tied on 40 lb. monofilament using #3 nickel snaps and a #5 nickel swivel.† Sinker attachment is provided with a #14 connecting link.† Packaged bulk, 25 pieces per ring.† 2RS (red skirt)††† 2RWS (1 red & 1 white skirt)††† 2RYS (1 red & 1 chart. skirt)

Coated Wire 2 Drop Rigs

Double drop, 45 lb. nylon coated wire is for the toothy critter.† Features a #5 swivel and #3 snaps.† Available with or without beads, in black or clear coated wire.† Hardware is plated to match the wire.† Packaged bulk; 50 pieces per ring.

Clear coated wire models: 2SP (without beads)††† 2SB (with red beads)

Black coated wire models: 2SP-BK (without beads)††† 2SB-BK (with red beads)

Gulf Coast Rigs - 1 & 2 Drop

Gulf style rigs are available in mono or nylon coated wire.† Each style is available in a beaded single or beaded double drop.† Packed 36 piece bulk.

1 drop models:† GR1BM (mono)††† GR1BW (wire)

2 drop models:† GR2BM (mono)††† GR2BW (wire)

Spot / Kingfish Rig

A double drop rig for spots, Sea Mullet, Kingfish, and other small to medium size fish.† Two different models to choose from:

SSSKF-2† The 1/2" ball floats keep the bait off the bottom.† Rig has two #6 plated wide gap hooks.††† SSSKF† The 1" red and yellow florescent floats keep the bait off the bottom and away from crabs.† The rig has two #6 plated hooks, a #7 barrel swivel and a large loop for sinker attachment.

Spot/Kingfish/Pompano Rig

†A double drop rig for spots, Sea Mullet, Kingfish, and other small to medium size fish.† Mono rig has two #6 plated wide gap hooks with red beads.††† SMP1

Bottom Rigs