Original Flounder Rig

The "FR" series is a populr rig of the Carolinas.  Constructed from 25" of 40 lb. mono, a 2 1/2" fluorescent float, a cigar sinker, and a size 4 nickel blade.  Available in 3 float colors and 3 weights (1.25, 1.50 and 2 oz..).  Comes 12 rigs on a ring (bulk).  Float colors are:  Red = R,  Yellow = Y,  Red/Yellow  = RY

FR-(color)-114    FR-(color)-112    FR-(color)-2

The 1.25 oz. is also available packaged  F5 (red float)  F5Y (yellow float)

F1 Series

This series of flounder rig is our most popular.  Works great in all coastal areas where flounder/fluke are found.  This rig has a 1 oz. swiveled cigar snker attached to 22" of 40 lb. mono.  It has a 2" fluorescent float and a style 42, size 2, Sea Striker flounder hook.  Available with a plain hook or dressed with a white or chartreuse bucktail.

F1-RED (red float / plain hook)              F1-YEL (yellow float / plain hook)

F1BR (red float / white tail)                     F1BY (yellow float / white tail)

F1BR-CH (red float / chartreuse tail)    F1BY-CH (yellow float / chartreuse tail)

F2 Series

The F2 Flounder (Fluke) rig is made with 22" of nylon coated wire, a size 4 3-way swivel and size 4 connecting link.  The rig is dressed with 5, size 8 red beads, a #4 nickel blade, and a #3 snap.  F2

F3 Series

This rig has a 1 oz. swiveled cigar sinker attached to 22" of 40 lb. mono or a 30 lb. nylon coated wire leader.  Size 2,style 42, flounder hook.

F3 (wire leader / plain hook)                               F3M (mono leader / plain hook)

F3B (wire leader / white tail)                              F3BM (mono leader / white tail)

F3B-CH (wire leader / chartreuse tail)

F4 Series

A professional flounder/fluke rig for all areas.  This 40 lb. test rig is available with a 3/4 or 1 oz. sinker and your choice of a nickel or chartreuse spinner blade.  Hook is a size 1 gold plated wide gap, designed for flounder.

F4-34 (3/4 oz sinker / nickel blade)                   F4-1 (1oz sinker / nickel blade)

F4-34C (3/4 oz sinker / chartreuse blade)        F4-1C (1oz sinker / chartreuse blade)

Egg Flounder Rigs

Egg flounder rigs are made with 25" of 40 lb. test mono.  Rigged with a sliding egg sinker.  The bottom is dressed with a #4 nickel blad, four #8 red beads, and a #3 nickel snap.  Comes 12 per ring (bulk).   EFR112 (1.5 oz.)    EFR2 (2 oz.)

Fluke Killers

Another Eastern Shore and Northeast favorite for Flounder (Fluke).  This 32", 40 lb. leader has a loop at the top for rig attachment.  It has a style 42, size 1/0 nickel plated wide gap hook.  The hook is dressed with a spinner blade and a bucktail teaser tag.  Individually packaged.    FK01 (white bucktail / silver blade)

FK01-R (white bucktail / silver & red blade)    FK02 (chartreuse tail / silver blade)

FK02-C (chartreuse tail / silver & chart blade)  FK03 (lime green tail / silver blade)

Fluke Tamer (double hook)

A double hook rig for Flounder (Fluke).  The 50 lb. mono has two 1/0 nickel plated wide gap flounder hooks, a #5 swivel at the top and a #3 snap in the center for sinker attachment.  One hook is dressed with a white bucktail teaser.    FT-W

Captain’s Rigs

Another Eastern Shore and Northeast favorite for Flounder (Fluke).  This 32", 40 lb. leader has a #4 3-way swivel at the top with a snap for sinker attachment.  The bottom of the rig has a spinner blade, a bucktail teaser, and a 1/0 nickel plated, wide gap flounder hook.  (CR01-RR shown in picture)

CR01 (white tail / silver blade)                           CR02 (chartreuse tail / silver blade)

CR03 (lime green tail / silver blade)                 CRPM (pearl mylar tail / silver blade)

CRCM (chart. Mylar / silver blade)

CR01-RR (white & red mylar tail / silver & red blade)

CR01-CP (white & pearl mylar / silver & red blade)

Pop Rigs

An Eastern shore favorite for Flounder (Fluke).  This 50 lb. mono rig has two 1/0 nickel plated wide gap flounder hooks.  One hook has a bucktail teaser for dressing while the other is plain.  Hook leaders can be easily changed.  This rig has a minimum of hardware. PR01 (white bucktail)                PR02 (chart. bucktail)

PR03 (lime green bucktail)    PRO4 (chart. & white bucktail)

Squid Rigs

An East Coast favorite for Flounder (Fluke).  Soft 3" squid rig tied with42 inches of 30 lb. test mono.  The rig has a #4 3-way swivel at the top with a snap for easy sinker attachment.  The bottom of the rig has a 1/0 saltwater wide gap flounder hook and a #2 nickel spinner blade above the squid.   

365-P (pink)    365-WH (white)    365-Y (yellow)    365-SE (green w/ black stripes)

“Spin-n-Glo” Fluke Rigs

A Mid-Atlantic fluke special.  Made with a Worden's original Spin-n-Glo float.  The rig is tied with 30 lb. mono and is 42" long.  The top end has a #4 3-way swivel with a snap for easy sinker attachment.  Three small beads seperate the float from the size 1/0 nickel plated, wide-gap flounder hook.    765-CH (chart. float)   

765-LC (lime/chart. float)    765-PK (pink float)    765-WH (white float)

Flounder Pounder

The Flounder Pounder rig is made with a #1/0 3-way swivel connected to a 3 oz. disk sinker.  12" of 40 lb. test yellow monofilament and yellow beads above two size 1/0 hooks.    02108

Egg Ready Rigs

Egg ready rigs are for flounder, trout, and bottom fish.  They are made with 22" of 45 lb. nylon coated wire.  Rigs come with a slip egg sinker, a #3 snap, and a #5 swivel.  An all time favorite rig for the saltwater angler.  One of Florida's best sellers.  Available packaged or bulk on a shower ring.  6 sizes  from 1/4 oz. to 2 oz.

Flounder / Fluke Rigs