Grouper Rig

The grouper rig is made of 30" of 150 lb. test monofilament.  It utilizes a plated 8/0 heavy hook, a 2/0 Billfisher swivel, and an egg sinker with beads on each end.  All rigs are crimped with Nicopress sleeves.  Available in 4, 6 and 8 oz.

Stock Numbers: GR4, GR6, GR8

Grouper & Tarpon Rig with circle hook

This is a universal circle hook rig used for both grouper and tarpon fishing.  Uses a Mustad style 39960-13/0 circle hook and 2/0 Billfisher swivel.    TRCH

Monofilament Tarpon Rig

High quality Tarpon rig made with 6' of 100 lb. test mono.  It has a 2/0 Billfisher swivel on one end and a 3407SS-6/0 hook at the bottom.    SSTRM

Wire Tarpon Rig

Wire tarpon rig made with 6' of #7 brown solid stainless wire.  A #5 black billfisher swivel is haywire twisted on one end and the other end has a 3407SS-6/0 Mustad hook.    SSTRW

Grouper & Tarpon Rigs