As a manufacturer we make our products available to retailers through a distribution network and may not know which dealers in your area stock our products.  If you have difficulty obtaining the products you need, click here for our Consumer Purchasing Division or e-mail us at service@seastriker.com for more information.  However, most all tackle dealers have access to our product line through their distributor.  Any of them should be able to assist you with ordering or purchasing the items you require. 





Where can I find ……..?

Since we use a network of distributors, we do not necessarily know what dealers in your area that carry a particular item.  Most salt water tackle shops have access to our products and can assist you with ordering.  You can also do a search on popular search engines to find online stores.  We do offer hard to find items at our online site.


What online stores carry Sea Striker products?

Try an internet search for a specific product and you can usually find what you are looking for.  However, most independent dealers that carry any Sea Striker products can order specific items for you.  If you have difficulty obtaining a item, visit our online store at http://shop.seastriker.com


How do I get a price on an item?

Visit our online store at http://shop.seastriker.com


I am interested in Sea Striker sunglasses…..

Cliff Weil, Inc manufactures the sunglasses and uses the Sea Striker name.  For questions, call 1-800-446-9345 or visit http://www.cliffweil.com/seastriker.htm